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Course: Presentations that Persuade and Convince

Date and time

Thursday November 8, 2018 at 09:00 to 17:00

Registration Deadline

Tuesday November 6, 2018 at 10:00


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Maritime Development Center
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In your presentations do your audiences always do what you want them to do? 

This presenting workshop is different. It is specially designed for people who need to  convince or persuade different audiences, whether this is to get the client to move to the next stage, to  convince a group of internal stakeholders or just be more persuasive.

Audiences are time short and information rich however many technical presentations continue to just inform. They rarely persuade an audience to act or make a commitment to something.

If you have ever got to the end of your presentation and asked the usual “are there any questions?” and the audience has looked at you blankly, then you probably have just informed them but not convinced them.

If you want to make sure that this doesn’t happen, and you want your audience to be convinced, then you should attend this workshop!

You will learn

  • A simple three step improved presentation structure for improved persuasiveness
  • Speed up the buy-in for technical presentations
  • How to present Data more effectively
  • 3 powerful persuasion techniques
  • Drive better engagement and connection with your audience
  • A quick and easy no stress process to perform better audience analysis
  • The Power of the WIIFY: What’s in It for You - the audience.
  • Why never start with the Agenda?
  • Know the difference between closing and ending
  • Improve how you handle Q&A so your audience asks the questions you want
  • How to capture the audience within 90 seconds and never let them go
  • Learn how to handle resistance from an audience
  • How to own the room and use Power gestures to reinforce your message 


To maximise your investment, as a follow on from the day programme we are offering a specially reduced coaching session with Chris Rycroft. This session is normally 2,000 but we have negotiated a special MDC rate of only DKK 1,000.

Chris, who works with many Senior Executives, can share and teach you some of these secret techniques that leaders use to inspire and motivate their audiences. He can also work with you on helping you improve the results of an important speech or presentation coming up or work to help you improve how you drive audience engagement with your delivery skills. 

This session is paid through MDC but to suit your schedule, the timing is booked separately with Chris.

The session is for 60 minutes, at your offices within 35km of Copenhagen.

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Organizer Contact Information

Maritime Development Center
Phone: +45 3333 7488

Organizer Contact Information

Maritime Development Center
Phone: +45 3333 7488